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Emergency Beacon 

Bulb Program

Highland County Sheriff Ronald D. Ward is making available to all Highland County citizens, especially senior citizens and those who may be home convalescent, the Emergency Beacon Bulb. The bulb is a simple, easy to use home safety device. It can be used as an ordinary 60-watt light or turned into a flashing, high visibility signal for help.

             The emergency beacon can direct emergency response personnel to your home and save precious seconds or even minutes when you need help.

             The emergency beacon can be used on both interior and exterior lighting fixtures and requires no special equipment to install.

             Simply exchange the emergency beacon bulb with an existing bulb and you are set. To activate the bulb, simply switch the bulb on and off twice in a row, leaving it in the on position the second time and the bulb will flash and continue to flash until the switch is turned to the off position.

             If you or someone you know can use the emergency beacon bulb, please contact Highland County Sheriff Ronald D. Ward at (937) 393-2212 and the bulb(s) will be made available to you at no cost.  


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